Step-by-step tutorials:

DISPLACE step-by-step guideline – Creating a scenario file for spatial closure in DISPLACE 0-9-10

DISPLACE step by step guideline – Set up a scenario on a spatial constraint from the baseline scenario

DISPLACE step-by-step guideline – Set up a new graph of nodes

DISPLACE step-by-step guideline – Use the scheduler for queuing simulations

DISPLACE step-by-step guideline – Use the Objects Editor workflow to generate a new DISPLACE application

Video tutorials hosted on YouTube:

Demo 1 – A EU MYFISH application for the Baltic cod fisheries

Demo 2 – A short insight into the DISPLACE model

Demo 3 – Italian trips patterns in the Adriatic Sea

Demo 4 – North Sea international fisheries

Demo 5 – Baltic Sea international fisheries

Demo 6 – Black Sea Romanian & Bulgarian demersal fisheries

Demo 7 – Adriatic Italian & Croatian demersal fisheries

Demo 8 (in prep.) – Irish demersal fisheries in the Celtic Sea

Tuto 1 – Launch a DISPLACE simulation

Tuto 2 – Set up a scenario

Tuto 3 – Load a simulation database and replay

Tuto 4 – Compare scenarios

Tuto 5 – Use with High-Performance Computing facilities

Tuto 6 – Create underlying graphs

Tuto 7 – Advanced graph features

Tuto 7.1a – Add Penalties on edges (from user-defined polygons)

Tuto 7.1b – Add Penalties on edges (from a GIS shape file)

Tuto 7.2 – Link harbours to graph and edit edges and nodes

Tuto 7.3 – Link various spatial data to graph

Tuto 8 – Control the map rendering and output layers

Tuto 9 – play with the decision trees editor

Tuto 10 – Play with the time series editor and inform the decision trees

Tuto 11 – Parameterize a new DISPLACE model from scratch

Tuto 11.1 – Parameterize from the GUI

Tuto 11.2 – Parameterize from R scripts

“How to parameterize” tutorials document:

DISPLACE parameterisation – A simple one

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