The DISPLACE project develops and provides a platform primarily for research purposes to transform the fishermen’s detailed knowledge into models, evaluation tools, and methods that can provide the fisheries with research and advice. The model intends to serve as a basis for decision support tools for (fishery) managers.

Download an installer for the DISPLACE software for Windows or installation packages for MacOSX-64bit or Ubuntu-16.04LTS, Ubuntu-15.10 (and 14.04LTS for older version)

* Installation for Windows is done automatically from the .exe installer.

* Installation for Linux Ubuntu is done manually in a console by typing:
~/$ sudo dpkg – -install
then launch the software with:
~/$ displacegui

* Installation for MacOS is done with dmg files. To install from a .dmg file you usually do the following:
  1. double click the .dmg to make its content available (name will show up in the Finder sidebar), usually a window opens showing the content as well.
  2. drag the application from the .dmg window into /Applications to install (may need an administrator password)

Illustrative datasets are stored on public repositories:

A minimal test dataset is stored on a public repository from here.

A slightly more extensive dataset is stored on a public repository from here. This dataset can actually be replicated just by using the DISPLACE Objects Editor with the default settings. It is precisely given to demonstrate the usefulness of the Objects Editor.

other more extensive datasets for academic work are:

  1. Eastern-Western Baltic cod fisheries
  2. International western Baltic fisheries
  3. Italian fleet Adriatic Sea

Once DISPLACE installed the user can load any dataset within DISPLACE. You should first untar or unzip the downloaded dataset, rename the dataset to remove the contingent info (e.g., you should trim DISPLACE_input_myfish_0.9.9-master to DISPLACE_input_myfish) and then go to File>Load to load a scenario .dat file from the simusspe folder, typically baseline.dat.  Have a look here for a quick overview of the model architecture and the folder hierarchy.

Video tutorials are also available on YouTube from here

screenshot_displace_078_2 Source: Bastardie, F., Nielsen, J. R., Eigaard, O. R., Fock, H. O., Jonsson, P., and Bartolino, V. Competition for marine space: modelling the Baltic Sea fisheries and effort displacement under spatial restrictions. – ICES Journal of Marine Science, doi: 10.1093/icesjms/fsu215. (here or here)


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